The Denver Gold Group, Inc. (DGG) connects global capital with global mining. It is organized as a Colorado nonprofit 501(c)(6) business association and represents most of the world’s private and publicly traded precious metal production and recorded mineral reserves and resources.

As the only independent and conflict-of-interest-free investment platform, Denver Gold Group is dedicated to the exclusive support of precious metal miners. DGG has a 36-year track record through every investment cycle.

DGG also supports and promotes various precious metal investment and education initiatives, collaborating with other mining and mineral industry business associations.

Denver Gold Group accomplishes its mandate through:
  • Catalyzing direct engagement between investors and precious metal producers, developers, and explorers.
  • Providing the only independent and nonprofit investment event platform to the global mining industry.
  • Advocating for precious metal equities to investors and regulators.
  • Educating investors about the wealth-preserving attributes of precious metals, which are best leveraged through equity investments.
  • Supporting the industry’s broader efforts to develop and maintain demand for precious metals.
  • Collaborating with like-minded industry organizations to promote responsible and sustainable mining for mutual benefit.

DGG leverages several assets to accomplish its mandate. Learn more about the assets at this link.


Each Gold Forum introduces precious metal producers, developers, and explorers to the world’s leading fund and portfolio managers, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, and equities analysts. Participation in DGG’s events is by invitation only. Precious metals companies must be members of the Denver Gold Group via an annual subscription and qualify for an invitation. Professional investors, securities analysts, and approved media can attend on a complimentary basis.

Our Membership page contains information for precious metal explorers, developers, and producers interested in participating in our events.

The Delegate Qualification page contains information for prospective attendees attending DGG events.