The Denver Gold Group Annual Review 2019
Denver Gold Group is pleased to announce the 2019 Annual Review is now available! 

Download the DGG Annual Review 2019 (PDF)

2019 Update from the Executive Director
“2019 marked Denver Gold Group’s thirtieth year of fulfilling its mandate, which is to match global capital with global mining and to do so as a non-profit association.

DGG has thrived in the execution of that mandate. It has played a small yet meaningful role to help reduce the cost of capital for the mining industry and its investors. It has done so over three decades of fluctuating metal prices and volatile equity valuations as well as a sea change in the capital market structures supporting the industry.

The organization has been relentless in maximizing value and quality for its stakeholders by making methodical investments necessary to build a high performance, technology-intensive enterprise. DGG, therefore, remains exceptional as the world’s only independent investment platform supporting mining capital formation.

To underscore that commitment DGG is striving to maintain the same prices for ten years. Consequently, 2020 will be the sixth successive year of unchanged prices in fulfillment of that goal.

2019 was also noteworthy for DGG’s ability to attract new investors to attend its events in Zürich and Denver. There was significant growth in family office, high net worth, and hedge fund participation.”

Timothy Wood
DGG Executive Director