Conflict of Interest Questionnaire: FY 2023

Please reference the Conflicts as set out in the Revised Bylaws of The Denver Gold Group.

Employment by the Denver Gold Group: Do you have an immediate family member who is now employed by the Denver Gold Group?
Personal Remuneration from the Denver Gold Group: Are you or any of your immediate family members receiving or expecting to receive any remuneration from the Denver Gold Group other than employment compensation?
Business with the Denver Gold Group: Do you or an immediate family member have a financial, business or personal interest in a business or organization with which the Denver Gold Group does business or expects to do business or with a business or organization receiving payments from the Denver Gold Group for property, goods or services?
Business with the Denver Gold Group: Have you or an immediate family member been a party to or involved in contractual transactions with the Denver Gold Group?
Employees or Board Members serving with you: Do other employees of the Denver Gold Group or members of the Denver Gold Group Board of Governors serve on boards or governing bodies listed in Question 4?
Association with Denver Gold Group Auditors: The auditor for the Denver Gold Group is currently Kundinger, Corder & Engle, P.C. Are you or any immediate family member a partner or principal in Kundinger, Corder & Engle, P.C?
Legal Proceedings: Are there any legal proceedings adverse to the Denver Gold Group pending or anticipated in which you, an immediate family member or any entity listed by you in response to the questions above are a party?
Criminal Proceedings: During the past five years have you been convicted in a criminal proceeding or are you now the named subject of a pending criminal proceeding, excluding traffic violations and other minor offenses?