GFA 2023 Presenter Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to present at Gold Forum Americas 2023, we look forward to welcoming you. To formally confirm your intention to present, please complete the form below:

General Terms:

Please check the box below to acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms:
1. Denver Gold Group (DGG) requires all presentations to be non-commercial. Sales presentations and promotional aspects are not suitable.
2. You, or the speaker you are representing, have the proper authority to use, reproduce and present and represent the material in your presentation including but not limited to pictures, representations, video, photographs, graphics, text, whether copyright is written or not, and that these rights to such do not conflict with or infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any other person or entity.
3. DGG is responsible for pre-show marketing, room rental fees, and AV costs. DGG requests that you market Gold Forum Americas (GFA) 2023 and your session through your networks.
4. Current health and safety information for GFA 2023 is available on the website.
5. DGG does not provide compensation for companies/individuals to present nor cover speaker travel & accommodation expenses. DGG presenters are recognized as experts and leaders in their field, which results in new business for presenters at the Forum and beyond.
6. If a change to the originally submitted/proposed topic is requested, DGG must be informed and approve all changes.

Speakers Are Offered:

Please check the box below to acknowledge your acceptance of the following speaker offerings:
1. Lodging: DGG will cover up to three nights (room & tax), or as many nights as have been arranged in correspondence with the Executive Director, at the Broadmoor Resort.*
2. Flight: DGG will reimburse the cost of a premium economy or reasonable business class ticket (multi-destination within reason etc.).*
3. Ground Transportation: necessary cab fees etc will be reimbursed.*
4. Meals: most meals are provided through the event.
5. Registration: A complimentary speaker registration will be extended to you.
*Lodging, flight reimbursement and ground transport reimbursement covered under a separate agreement overrides this clause.

Presentation Materials:

Please check the box below to acknowledge your acceptance of the following:
1. Session slides and additional materials must be provided to DGG by August 31, 2023. This deadline must be strictly adhered to so presentations can be reviewed and tested before your session.
2. I provide permission to DGG to share my presentation slides as a PDF file and the webcast with attendees who request them.

Presentation Information:

Presenter Information:


Maximum file size: 122.88MB

Maximum file size: 122.88MB