GFE22: Pre-Record Date/Time Selection

Pre-Recording via DGG's Presentation Platform

Please note there is a hard stop at 1 hour for the pre-recording. You may use the first 15-20 minutes to practice, with remaining time dedicated to recording the presentation. Please remember to upload your corporate presentation (PDF file) and any other assets to the webinar room. A DGG representative will join you in the room to assist during the recording session. Once your pre-record appointment has been confirmed, we will create and schedule the webinar in the DGG Presentation Platform. Please expect to receive a separate email with the necessary links and details about your session.
How will your recording be conducted?
Have you provided speaker and moderator (if applicable) selections?
Are there any updates to be made to your presenter or moderator (if applicable) selections?
Will your presentation be a fireside chat format? *
Have you confirmed an analyst to conduct the fireside chat? *